Active Ingredients on Your Daily Skin care

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The main reason for your daily skincare is to make your skin beautiful and attractive, and for that reasons sometimes your daily skincare products contain active ingredients to help you achieve the skin you’ve always desired. But some of you might not know about the active ingredients itself, how its function and you might not know you are allergic to one of the active ingredients on your products, or do you really need those ingredients to help your skin condition is also a big question.
Wether it’s going to reduce the pigmentation, slowing aging process or tighten your skin, this information probably will guide you understand what do the active ingredients on your skincare products main goal is. With that in mind, lets start talking about it.

1.Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

This ingredient commonly used to reduce the effect and sign of aging process of your skin. It will lift the old skin cell and help you tighten up your skin. But this ingredient can’t be often used on daily basis, as it will make your skin irritated, dry and become more sensitive to sunlight exposure. Ideally you apply some moisturizer and sunscreen before using a product with high concentration of AHA.

2.Retinoic Acid (Retinol)

Retinol’s main feature is to boost your natural collagen production. A regular treatment using retinol will make your skin looks young and help your skin tone lighter and to regain the skin elasticity. It mainly effects the deeper skin layer, and it best used on night time when the whole body rest. The other reason is retinol’s counter productive when you combine it with direct sun exposure, because Retinol will make your outer skin layer become more sensitive to UV A and B.

3.Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10)

This ingredient mainly found on your skin toner and moisturizer. Although you can almost use it anytime without worries, you should always use a product with COQ10 in accordance to your skin conditions. COQ10 is an active ingredient to repel the free radicals. It also alleviates aging process of your skin, reduce the wrinkle in area near the eye.


Arbutin often use to lighten the skin tone, it helps to treat a pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanine hormone. Arbutin is a natural ingredient extracted from leaves of cranberry, mulberry, bearberry and blueberry shrub. It also found on pear’s peel. Arbutin and any other plant extracted ingredients are generally safer to use.

5.Alpha-Lipoic Acin (ALA)

Any products with 5% active ingredient of ALA, will often advertise as a treatment to fade the scar or to remove the black spot on skin tissue, and that is one of main benefit of it. ALA is a better anti-oxydant agent than vitamin C or E. The other benefit of ALA, it easily soluble that’s why this active ingredient work best both inside or outside for a skin treatment. However, many reported that some people can be allergic to this, it’s safer to consult to a beauty expert before you decide to use a product with ALA.

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