Common Mistakes that Make You Stay Single

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There women who seems very easy to have a relationship but there’s also other women who are not lucky when it comes to romance. If you think you are among the latter, keep on reading. You may have these common mistakes that makes woman stays single.

Dr.Phil, a psychologist and relationship expert, reveals there are many important factors to find the right one. You need to pay attention to every little thing from the first impression to the right attitude to let the first date continue to the next level. So, these are common mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Bad First impression
Like what they say, first impression lasts forever. Never underestimate first impression because a bad one will annihilate you chance to meet the prince charming. There are many things creating bad first impression. It’s more than just your fashion style or appearance, the way you talk an even clumsy body language can be a disaster.

2. You’re Too Difficult to Get
It’s good to have a high standard but setting your bar too high can be contra productive. Rather than making those men curious to come near, it will drive them away from you. Don’t forget that the biggest fear of any man is being rejected. They will measure the chance and won’t get anywhere near a woman showing they’re too difficult to get.

3. Can’t Move On from the Past
So you had a terrible relationship and it leaves a huge scar inside you. Many people believe that having a new relationship can help to heal traumatic experience from the previous relationship. But actually, that’s a huge mistake. Looking for a new relationship to heal your scar is like carry all burdens of pain, fear, and depression from the previous relationship and it won’t do any good. Get peace with yourself and moving on from the past. By then you are ready for a new relationship.

4. Easy to Judge
Easily to judge just from the first date can risk losing a truly good man. Give him chance for another date so you can learn more about his personality. He may not so attractive the first time you meet him but getting to know him more can reveal more attractive sides of him.

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