Five Signs You’re in a Relationship with Drama King

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Drama queen is identical with women but there also men with that dramatic character to be crowned as drama king. Living a life full of drama by exaggerating everything are also done by many men.

Just like a man dating a drama queen, a woman in relationship with a drama king will often experience emotional roller coaster and it could be really tiring.

When sees this a lot on your boyfriend, there’s a big chance you’re dating a drama king:

1.Like to Start Fights
A drama king won’t make everything so easy. They’re born to confront everything. Fights over minor small things are often happen when dealing with this kind of man.

2. Exaggerating Everything 
A drama king speaks hyperbolic language. He blows everything out of proportion not only when fighting but practically on every little thing on daily basis.

3. Made Himself the Center of Universe
It’s a nature of a woman she wants to be spoiled and understood but it won’t happen when you are in a relation with a drama king. He is the center of the universe and he’s the one who demand affection not the other way around. And your feeling? Well, he gives a little attention if not at all.

4. Always So Righteous 
Ego-narcissistic is the core of every drama king. He believes that he always right. No matter how hard you try to explain, he won’t change his mind.

5. An Immaculate Saint 
He will never accept that he’s a guilty one. He will do everything to deny it even when it means turning the facts and point his fingers on you. He likes to play victim to seek for other’s sympathy.

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