How to Choose a Perfume according With Personality

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There’s no doubt when we’re talking about self image reflection, it’s not always about you are wearing, it is also about how you represent yourself as a person. Fragrance or a perfume you’re using is one of many ways to represent yourself. You have to make sure that the fragrant you choose is exactly what your personality is representing. You have to make sure that peoples around you don’t make the wrong impression of your character when they started to smell the perfume you’re wearing.
Ideally you’re going to choose a perfume that really capture your character. But sadly, many people are unaware of this and decide to choose a perfume based on a simple reason such as they liked it, or they just want a perfume from a celebrities’ line whom they idolized. It’s such a pity, when we realize that a fragrance can boost your character and maybe make people realize how great you are as a person.
The hard part is to decide your own personality, your own character. We know some people find it hard to determine what is their most stand out character. You just have to find what others think the most from you. Now that you’ve identified your own character and personality, use this guideline to determine what fragrance is ideal for you.
For the outdoor type of women, adventurous, sporty and do workout a lot. The ideal type of perfume you should have is the fruity ones. The fresh fragrance of mixed fruits will make your personality vibrantly radiate. You can choose among lots of line of different type of fragrance. Apple for it’s intense sweet and fresh fragrance, a sensual and soft side of a cherry, to a luxurious fragrance of a passion fruit.
Women often describe as a soft, shy and caring being. And if its describe you perfectly, then the sweet fragrance of floral is your choice. Flower scent will inspire your romantic side, and most men will say that they find a woman who smell like flowers are the most attractive one. There are tons of different flowers and fragrance you can choose from, a rose and lily for a very romantic situation, a mysterious vibe from a jasmine, and many others you can mix and match.
If you are the easy going, loves to hangout and socialize with your friend, then the fragrance of woods and animal glands will spark your inner attractiveness. This is masculine type of perfume, and it is perfect for building a relation with other people around you.
The fragrance of spices, plant roots, and herbs are for women who are mature in his mind. It does not always for an old lady, regardless your age, if you want to showcase your maturity and bold personality then this type of perfume will fit you best. Many people around you will aknowledge your state of mind and assertiveness. Without a doubt if you’re a business woman with a strict schedule, this fragrance is your choice to build your strong and independent persona.
Choose the right fragrance to enhance your character is important. It will determine who you are. It gives you the attribute to differentiate you among other people around you. In other words, to give you a unique personality whichever you decide.

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