Polluted Air, Your Skin’s Enemy After UV

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As we may know, UV ray’s the main culprit for many skin diseases. It also effects our skin aging as it rapidly increases it. But little thing we know other than UV, there is one more thing which damaging our skin from the outside. It is our environment, more specifically our polluted air. It’s on our daily life, espescially for all of you who live on big city, Air pollution is inescapable.

The damaging process caused by polluted air’s way more severe. Free radicals will absorp oxygen on our skin cell, rapidly increasing skin aging process. Polluted air also may cause wrinkles and darkspots, it is as evil as the UV rays. In fact, you can protect yourself from the danger of UV on your skin, but how about protections against air pollution? Against all free radicals that will not only damage your skin but also effect on your health as a whole.

Beside free radicals, polluted air usually contains Ozone. When we hear about Ozone, the first come to mind is the good guys on outer layer of our atmosphere to absorp UV rays from the sun. Sure, UVs are bad, it’s main cause of skin cancer, but little do we know about Ozone on a ground-level. Ozone’s toxic gas, it formed when UV lights hits mono-nitrogen oxides (combustion exhaust). Ozone’s been suspected as the other culprit in damaging your skin related to air pollution. When our skin continuously exposed to Ozone, the fat that bind our skin cells together begin to crumble. Ozone oxidizes those fat.

There are factory’s chimneys everywhere, every car’s exhaustion on the street and other free radicals in the environment we’re living. How can we defend ourselves against this adversary? Moreover, if you’re an active woman who spend most of your times outside and has to deal with polluted air daily.
To help you more, here is a comprehensive guide to defend your skin against air pollution.

  • Free radicals will mostly cause your skin to be dryer. Increasing your water consumption will certainly help your skin to regenerates better and bring back the elasticity.
  • Regularly wash your face after outdoor activity. Use non-perfumed cleanser that will wash off all the bad molecules but not strip key oils on your skin. It is the most important step, don’t be lazy. You need to get rid of the pollution and bad particles that stick on your skin. And to prevent and as precaution before doing some activity outside, make sure you’ve applied sunscreen and moisturizer.
  • Ideally in your daily routine skincare, apply some antioxydants like vitamins C and E, it will help tremendously.

A daily routine of antioxidants, cleansing and barrier repair is the best defense against air pollution. Many people forget that our main goal of our skin is to be an immune barrier. With that in mind to keep all the bad molecules out of our body is simply the best, cause when you compromise the barrier the free radicals will freely enter your body and that’s not a good sign.

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