What Sports Makes You Look Sexier?

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Many women see athletic man as sexy macho man. But don’t you know that not all sports have the same sexiness level? Sad but true, a survey with 32,000 female respondents in Australia revealed this fact. So if you are swimmer or tennis player, congratulations, you choose the right sports to play!

Conducted by Elite Singles, a dating agency, respondents were asked which sports looks sexy and the result was really interesting. 13% voted swimming as an attractive sport. Tennis won the runner up position with 10% votes followed by volleyball with 8%.

This survey also revealed less attractive or not so sexy sports as the same respondents are also asked about least sexy sports. Bad news for golfers, your favorite sports proved to be the least attractive one with 11% vote. That’s a sports for old men. As a surprise, macho stereotyped sports like rugby and boxing also found to be less sexy sports. Rugby got 8% while boxing got 7% votes.

In general, single women sees men playing sports are more attractive than men who don’t. Watching sports games also brings good effect to improve confidence according to 87% respondents.

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