Online Dating Sites: Pros and Cons of Online Dating

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Online dating is a thing nowadays. People love it because it is simple and you just need to put a profile picture along with some description about yourself and other information that will be asked by the website. After a moment, you will find your match. Some people have found their soul mate through the dating site and others are just not into what they have found on the internet. But, is it good? Or is it bad? Let’s find out.

The good things about online dating

Dating site, in fact, gives you a bunch of good things. Considering people are not into talking directly to a stranger, internet dating could be a breakthrough. Other than that, people work really hard today. They are so busy to go out to their phone should be able to do a lot of things include finding a soul mate. So, the pros are such as:

  • You meet people who have more things in common with you according to your profile and information you have entered to the website.
  • People you meet are very open about the things you want and look for.
  • For shy people, finding the love on the internet is really good because they do not have to face them directly for now.

The not-so-good things about online dating

  •  Even though some of them show a perfect rating, there are things you need to be aware of. Since the internet does not show you all real things, you cannot just trust everyone you have met online.
  • Sometimes the preferences will blindside you. Too much preference makes you picky and tends to be not happy with what you have or get later.
  • A profile does not tell you anything. Some things will be only revealed after a series of direct interaction.
  • Most dating sites only put the focus on the attractiveness of a person. However, the profile picture is only the 2D representation of someone, which is not accurate to describe the real person.
  • Chatting with a person on the internet will have the different timeline with a person in a real world. You will feel the romantic pressure. For example, you feel like knowing someone for the lifetime by talking to them through a dating website for two weeks. Later, you are ready for a marriage. Don’t you think this is insane?
  • This is dangerous. So, even if you could find something you like on the internet, do not fall too fast or trust too much on online dating.

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