This Type of Tea Can Help Reducing Acnes Significantly

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It’s widely known that green tea is rich of antioxidant with its powerful effect protecting cells from free radicals. Green tea also has powerful effect to maintain a beautiful smooth skin. It contains flavonoids with its proven anti-aging effect. Another good effect of green tea for skin has just been revealed lately.


A research team from Taiwan conducted a study on women age 25-45 with severe acne problems. The study divided those women into two groups. The first group was given pill containing 500 mg decaffeinated green tea extract and the second group was given pill without green tea extract. During four weeks’ research period, each respondent was required to consume the pill three times a day. The result showed that group of women with routine consumption of green tea extract showed significant reduction of acnes on their skin. Fewer acnes were found on the nose, chin, and area surrounding mouth compared to group of women not consuming green tea extract.


This research has been published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal and it concluded green tea has anti-inflammation formula known as epigallocatehin gallate or EGG. Acnes are commonly caused by inflammation and that explains treatment using ECG can effectively treat this type of skin problem. According to Women’s Health, green tea extract cream or lotion can help to prevent and to treat mild acnes but from this new study, we know that consuming green tea, in pill or other type of supplement, can become alternative treatment for more severe acne problems.


It is important to understand that the effect of green tea pill or supplement can be different from one to another. You can get benefits from drinking green tea but the result may not as effective as consuming green tea extract supplement.


A Miami based dermatologist, Barry Resmik, M.D., pointed that green tea extract concentration in pill or supplement is higher. A pill can contain 500 mg green tea extract or equal with 14 glasses of green tea beverage. It is advised to get to know more about your skin condition before deciding whether you need supplement or just 2-3 glasses of daily dosage of green tea is enough to maintain your skin condition.

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