Rio Olympic’s Athletes Who Never Shy to Show Their Nail Arts

Rio Olympic’s Athletes Who Never Shy to Show Their Nail Arts

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It’s natural that every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive and that’s including those female athletes competing in Rio 2016 Olympic. Some of them really take the fashion trend to the sports arena and get huge attention not only with their attractive apparels but also with unique nail arts. It seems like nail becomes the new fashion trend in 2016 Olympic. Those athletes show their creativities with national flag nail arts or Olympic themed nail arts.
These are the athletes competing for gold medal for best 2016 Olympic nail arts:

  1. Kathleen Baker
    Even before the Olympic game started, US swimmer Kathleen Baker showed her beautiful nail arts. “Olympic nails ready,” That’s the caption on her post. A first time Olympian, she decorated her beautiful nails with American flag and Olympic logo.
  2. Simone Biles
    The celebrity artistic gymnast Simone Biles really knows how to get a perfect score. Not only with her signature flip but also with glamorous nail arts. Glittering American flag decorating her nails and guess what? It boosted her confidence to win more gold medals than any other gymnast in 2016 Rio Olympic.
  3. Elizabeth Beisel
    Another US swimmer with no fear to show impressive nail arts. Red and blue from American flag becomes the theme of her nail arts combined with the touch of gold color on several nails to make it even more attractive.
  4. Dana Vollmer
    Some women that nail arts can give them bigger confidence. Dana Vollmer is definitely one of them. She reckons nail arts creation with white nail color and glitter accents make her more confidence facing the Olympic game. She even tweeted “Race day is almost here!!! I always get pumped when I get my #luckywhite nails for competition!! We leave for Rio tomorrow!!!”
  5. Cierra Runge
    Female athletes can become an inspiration to other women and that’s including fashion inspiration. With their nail arts, athletes inspire many women to never hesitate to show their personality with nail arts. Just like what the swimmer, Cierra Runge dares to show her awesome nail arts with different decorative accents from stars to sailor theme.

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