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Cheap beauty products do not always provide the worst for you. Sometimes those cheap products could be the problem solver that you will never see it is coming before. Other than that, you can be a trendsetter later. So, here is our list.

Color wheel

Take a look inside the makeup bag for that one specific pencil could be really stressful for a morning routine. But now you can slip several things into one color wheel from Every Beauty Cosmetic Tool Organizer. This is able to click in eight pieces of eye and lip pencils along with the makeup brush. Other than that, it makes the cosmetic clutter appears in style. It only costs USD 8.

The balm-squad

The balm stick from Clean George Skincare offers the all-in-one solution. Other than moisturizing your lips, the balm stick contains several essential oils such as antiseptic tea tree, lavender, and camphor. Those are able to help you with salves calm nerves, minor cuts, and stings, relieve congestion, and of course, cure the dry patches on your skin. It costs USD 9 per each variant.

Eyes solution

Since makeup is a part of our daily life, removing it from your face could be a hassle as well. But nowadays you do not need to get the hassle by using the IntensivEye pads. You just need to wipe your both eyes with the tissue-like sheet. It contains the cucumber extract that will soothe your skin and soften your skin from the greasy residue. It is available for USD 4.50.

Three-in-one cream solution

The Flower Petite Fleur Pocket Triplet is ideal for travelers. It offers three types of eyeshadow cream in a nice stack. You can switch color by pulling off the tip that looks like a crayon and slides it right into the tube bottom. It will push the next shade up. For USD 7 you can have three colors combination.

Nail decoration

If you need the DIY manicure help then you can just slide your fingertip into the Sephora Perfect Manicure tool. It acts like a painter’s tape designed for nails. You do not need to bother because it will not spread all over your skin and dress. Besides, it will give a nice finished edge as the expert would do. It costs USD 7. You can be glam up without having to pay hundreds of bucks in the salon because cheap beauty products could help you with that.

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