The Differences of Essence and Serum

The Differences of Essence and Serum

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For you who are introduced to skincare routines for the first time, you are probably getting confused because there are a lot of skincare products. Moreover, there are some skincare products which look similar to each other. Such as essence and serum. Even though these 2 skincare products look similar, especially in the terms of base ingredient used, essence and serum are actually different.

What is Essence?

Essence is usually lighter than serum. It is lower concentrated compared to serum. Essence is usually in the form of a gel, cream, and even liquid. Essence is the main part of Korean skincare. You use essence after using toner or refiner. Your skin will quickly and instantly be dehydrated after using this skincare product. Its light texture makes essence is easy to apply and be absorbed in facial skin.

What is Serum?

Serum is more highly concentrated compared to an essence. This skincare product usually has certain benefits to handle certain facial problems, such as acne, signs of aging, and so on. Serum is used right before using moisturizer. However, if you follow Korean 10 steps skincare routines, you use serum after using essence. After that, you can apply moisturizer. Serum is mostly in the form of gel and the texture is a little bit heavier than essence.

What are the Different Functions of Serum and Essence?

Essence and serum have almost the same functions, which are to smooth, moisturize, and even out skin tone. Both of these skincare products are water-based. But, essence has a more liquid texture compared to serum, as it is said before. Even though they look similar, these 2 skincare products have different functions.

According to a representative of the American Academy of Dermatology, the function of essence is to help the next skincare product to be absorbed well so that it can work more efficiently. Essence is also helpful to soothe irritation, moisturize skin, and prevent aging. On the other hand, serum is a kind of light moisturizer that can absorb deeply into the skin. Every serum is specifically made and contains certain active ingredients which function to repair skin problems.

Serum specifically works to overcome specific skin problems. For example, serum which contains hyaluronic acid is useful to handle dry skin. While serum that is rich in Vitamin C is helpful to fade out black spots as well as even out skin tone. However, several types of essence contain glycerin, AHA acid, and even caviar to take care of facial skin.

How to Use Essence and Serum?

Most skincare product manufacturers recommend using essence first before using serum because of its light texture. Wash your face, apply toner, then you can apply essence. Once the essence is well absorbed, next you can use serum. Both essence and serum can be used in the day and night. However, you are not suggested to use too much serum on your face because it contains high concentration and active ingredients. Apply the skin care product just enough on your face.

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